View Live Challenge Ladder here.

Please let an officer know of any challenge results so they can update the ladder.

You may challenge up 4 spots on the ladder if you are not in the top 10. You may only challenge up 2 spots if you are ranked between 1 and 10. If on a club night, there is no one present who you are eligible to challenge, you may challenge the next closest person who has checked in on the challenge ladder.

You may challenge the same person as many times as you want. However, the person being challenged has the right to challenge up first. This person has 7 days to challenge up or else they can be challenged again.

Matches will be played the same as a tournament: the best 2 out of 3 games. The first 2 games are to 15 and the tie-breaker, if necessary, is to 11.

When someone challenges you, you must try to play that night. If this is not possible, you have 7 days to accept the challenge. It is the responsibility of the person being challenged to find a time that he can play. This time does not have to be on a club night. If the challenge match has not taken place within 7 days, the challenger wins by forfeit. You must email the person who you want to challenge and schedule a time to play. The 7-day time period starts at this time. This message must also be sent to one of the officers to verify the date.

All new people to the club will start at the bottom of the ladder, and they are entitled to one Open Challenge, where one can challenge anyone on the ladder. If the challenge is won, the new person takes their spot, and everyone below that will move down 1 spot. If the challenger loses, they must then work their way up from the bottom of the ladder. You have one month from when you join the club to use your Open Challenge.

Club members absent for more than 4 club meetings in a row will be lowered in their ranking according to the following: If you’re in the top 10, you’ll drop 2 spots. If you’re out of the top ten, you’ll drop 3. When higher ranked players don't come, it prevents the lower ranked people from moving up.

If a lower ranked player on the ladder beats a higher ranked player in a USAR Sanctioned tournament, the lower ranked player takes their spot.

Any further questions or issues with the ladder rules should be brought to the attention of one of the officers.